2019 Yearly Outlook for P-ink

Hello beautiful souls!

The yearly outlooks for 2019 are officially here and I am beyond excited this year to get stuck into them. It has been a pretty testing year for many this year, but the energies on 2019 are already set to better facilitate an anchor of energy to grow and evolve with some of the changes we’ve seen this year. Movement looks to be the energy in motion so far, so let’s see how the year shapes up!

The charity I have chosen for 2019 encompasses such a beautiful vibration – their goal is to help breast cancer survivors heal from the outside in. P-ink is a charity that is using their passion for body art to transform the scars that are left after breast cancer into something more meaningful and personal. These amazing people give women the power to move forward from breast cancer in a way that strengthens them and honours their path to wellness. Instead of living self consciously with their scars, they reclaim their bodies with beautiful body art getting tattoos to cover or celebrate their journey. These women  come away feeling they have something more positive to look at each day and something they see they can draw strength from. Not every tattooist is able to tattoo scars, it takes specialised understanding of scar tissue to work this way.

As some of you may know, I have a huge love affair with body art and know the power behind the energy that tattoos can give to people. I have also lost family members and a dear friend to cancer. The power to change a woman’s life for the better after it has been forever changed in such a major way means everything. 

For each and every reading sold, £5 goes straight to the charity. 

Last year I raised nearly £200 for Support Dogs (thank you all!) and this year I already have pre-orders that total half of that! Please take a look at what these people are doing to make this beautiful transition possible.

These make fantastic holiday gifts for those people in your life that have just about everything. Order here or in the shop! 

2019 Yearly Outlook: £45 (£5 of each reading goes to P-ink) – This reading is a Month by Month outlook for the whole of 2019 from January – December. Each month has approximately one to two paragraphs of overview, making this quite a large reading. I will require your full name and date of birth (or that of the person receiving the reading if it is a gift) and the email you would like the reading sent to.


Many blessings,

Mesina x

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Our Spiritual Reality


I feel that is a word that creates a host of different feelings within each individual; there is no one emotion that defines it. For some people the concept isn’t something they bring into their minds or is something they rejected as being attached to their sense of self. For others the word seems to breathe life into them and becomes the very thing that drives them forward. Maybe you are on one end of those or the other, or maybe you’re the one who exists somewhere in the middle. It doesn’t matter, it’s your experience.

As you may have guessed, I talk a lot to people about their sense of spirituality. People have so many questions and readings are the perfect place to just throw them out and dig a little deeper. Yet I have found a trend amongst people I felt warranted this post, a very common feeling that people share when it comes to their sense of spirituality. Guilt. There seems to be this deep seated guilt and struggle with the belief that people are not doing enough, feeling enough, or progressing enough. Guilt that they should be meditating each day, reading more books, doing more “spiritual things” and this excuse instantly that they don’t always find time or know where to begin.

I wonder when did spirituality become so stressful?

Your spiritual path is not some separate part of you, it is a part of the path you are on. The spiritual part of our journey somehow seems to get segregated from what we perceive as our “normal path” – you know the one that makes up the everyday part of us. I really feel that a change of perspective is needed. Perhaps with the bookshelves lined with so many sources of information when it comes to spirituality, we’ve gotten a little muddled up. I think too that we have all evolved in society in such a way that we seek forms of escapism more readily and we want things that are sometimes just all our own. Especially since we feel often owned by the other roles that we play out in our lives. Spirituality allows us the freedom to be ourselves, silent amidst the noise of life.

Yet if separating it suits us, why is there guilt? We spend our lives seeing it separately, yet we feel bad when we don’t put the time and dedication into it. To what purpose is this serving? Don’t we strive to be at one with our spiritual selves? Isn’t that the point?

There are so many different conflicting messages we get when it comes to spirituality, it’s not hard to get a little overwhelmed. It’s also all too easy to start feeling bad right from the start. This journey isn’t about any of that, it’s about you. It’s YOUR experience. Your spiritual self is always a part of you, it’s time to start bringing it into your everyday reality. No, this isn’t about meditating every day, or chanting, or affirmations, or incense, or cleansing; it’s about realising that you are experiencing spirituality through everything that you do. Time spent reading to your child is a spiritual experience. Listen to what they have to say. Time sitting at your desk at work, is a spiritual experience. What are you learning from being there? Laughing with a friend, is a spiritual experience. There is joy.

Time is the single most precious gift you have to give. Stop beating yourself up for not giving enough to your spiritual journey, because you are a spiritual being first a human second. You experience everything you do spiritually before you process it humanly. You just need to tell your human part to turn around and see what the spiritual self is experiencing.

Establish the context of your spirituality. What do you perceive as your own give and take? Seeing through a spiritual lens of your daily life is so fulfilling and begins to ease the journey to uncover more spiritual knowledge and evolve naturally.

The key to your spiritual reality is understanding that you can never be disconnected from your spiritual self.

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New changes to Psychic Whispers

Hello lovely souls!

You might notice a few changes on the site, please bear with me while things are transitioning! I hope these new features make your experience here better and easier.

 Any issues email me directly at mesina@psychic-whispers.com

Thank you!

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Transgender Souls: An understanding from a spiritual point of view

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