Clairvoyant medium and psychic 

Quality, professional readings from a genuine clairvoyant with over 25 years experience. I take a great deal of pride in the service that I offer and I have had the pleasure of reading for people all over the world.


I have learned so much from people and from this beautiful connection with the other side. My aim is to pass on these messages with compassion, empathy and in hopes that they bring a sense of clarity and peace.

I am truly blessed to be invited to share a little part of this journey with you all, thank you. 


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I have a variety of readings to suit and confidentiality is my top priority. There are no judgments here.




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"Mesina is truly authentic. She sees the "heart of the matter" She is Honest, Trustworthy. She is a beautiful, lovely Soul. She has a Divine gift. She has helped me through many storms. I trust, respect, and Love Mesina"

B. Herman 

"Mesina is insightful, honest , kind ,compassionate , and a truly gifted soul . I have been a repeat customer for many years . She goes above and beyond for all . I highly recommend her"

Tina Chan


"I got to know Mesina via a friend who highly recommended her. In the past I have come across a lot of people with gifts and being able to connect but Mesina is special she has this tone, this comfort and this welcoming aura that is welcoming and caring on many levels. Every time I speak to Mesina I walk away feeling good in myself and feel a little wiser. I can not thank Mesina enough on the support and comfort she has given me in 2018. I have recommended Mesina to many friends who have connected with her and have spoke highly of her and regularly speak to her. I hope to be connected with Mesina for many many more years to come. Thank you my friend"

S. Gohil 

United Kingdom

"Mesina is a master of the art of connecting to energy and is an extraordinary reader . Her readings and insight has helped me to be present with myself so that i can become familiar with my own energy body and the baby spirit I wish to bring into my life Mesina has helped me process the lessons that this journey was teaching and helped me stay in the moment to trust my children will be here and I will be a mother. I highly recommend Mesina as she is more then a reader her divine love and guidance is like no other"

Larina Quinton


"If you are looking for insight or confirmation of a situation. Look no further. I have used Mesina for a few years and have come to call her a friend "really more like family. While though she is accurate, she is very warm, caring and truly gifted in her craft. I wouldnt want to do this life without her and her guidance. she is the "REAL" deal!! I highly recommend her; she has been my light on this journey we call "life". I absolutely adore and appreciate her on so many levels!"

Nikki Brown


" The recent reading I had with Mesina was nothing short of amazing! I’ve been getting readings from her for years, but this was the first reading where I was hoping to hear from loved ones who have passed. I was very anxious prior to the reading; her words, calming voice and reassurance eased me immediately. Not knowing who I was hoping to hear from, she began to describe my grandfather to a tee. Amazing detail, dry humor jokes only my grandfather would make and genuine messages sent to help with healing. My reading went on and I don’t think Mesina wasted one breath in silence. The messages I am now able to give to my family are going to help ease their transition. I truly admire her for sharing something so beautiful with the world. I only wish that everyone would have one of these readings, I believe whole heartedly that it will forever change your life. I feel incredibly blessed to have had this opportunity. I have endless appreciation for her beautiful soul."

Terina Sutton



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About me

Originally from the Oregon coast in the United States, I moved to the UK in my early 20’s and embraced the British life. I am blessed to be with my Soulmate and together we have an absolutely amazing family. The very heart of my life is them.

I became aware of my psychic abilities during childhood, when I realised that the world worked differently for me than for others. I have always been a natural Clairvoyant, even before I had a name for it. I recall in my youth having very vivid dreams and images coming to me believing it to be normal. It was through my natural knowledge, respect and curiosity for the Other side, that I began to make those realisations about my world versus the world of everyone else around me.


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