Not sure what you’ll get out of a reading with me? Here is some information to help you decide if I’m the right reader for you.

Deciding if a psychic is right for you is never straightforward. Someone who may seem perfect can sometimes give a reading that leaves you very disappointed with your hopes low. My goal is not to convince you that I am the right psychic, that is a very personal choice. My aim is to give you an idea as to what you might expect from me and what approach I use with my clients before you book a reading.

My Method of Reading

My readings are a combination of Tarot, Clairvoyance and Psychic instincts. While I have spent many years using the Tarot, I am not what I would consider a traditional tarot reader. In fact, many of my telephone clients are unaware that I am using Tarot at all. For me, the Tarot is a tool in which I read from, not read solely, which I feel is a very important difference. While I read, messages are given to me Clairvoyantly, which means I will see images and pictures in which help me see the situations in more depth. Then, often times, I am filled with the emotions that others are feeling, whether that is from my Clients or the people around them. This is why I have become so in tune with reading issues surrounding Love and Relationships, because I have been able to tap into the emotions of both sides and attempt to give my Client the broader view.

My readings are not about a string of predictions to rattle off, leaving you with a list of things to wait to come true. Predictions are part of the territory yes, and I will always give my opinion about where I feel things are heading, or what the messages are saying about things to come. However the most important aspect of my work as a Psychic, is helping people become empowered to seeing their situations in full view. So often we are blinded by our own emotions, or unable to see the other side of the coin and a reading can help unblock and understand where we are faced with obstacles or confusion. Life is about choice, nothing is ever set in stone or doomed to happen unless we allow it to be. Of course I believe that certain things are destined, but I also believe life will lead you to those things on it’s own, with you leading the rest of the way. After all, what is free will if we are simply living pre-determined lives?

Readings by Email

I have been doing email readings over many years now and have found no difficulties at all getting a good connection to others. Like all readings, I ask for your full name and date of birth along with your questions. This information is used only to verify your age and helps me establish as strong of a connection as possible. With email readings, if you have a particular question you need answering, it is best to ask as specific as possible in order for you to get the most direct and clear answer. The reason for this, is that while I welcome skeptics of course, asking vague questions via email will not lead to me getting around to the real answers that you need. If you wish to ask something general like where your life may be headed, that’s entirely different and I consider more of an open question rather than a vague one. There is a clear difference.

All readings are answered with as much detail as I can provide, depending on which reading you booked of course. One question readings are done in three sections, of Past, Present and Future of your question, whereas the bigger readings are done with sections that relate to the Tarot spread I am using, with your specific questions summarized separately. Regardless of the Tarot spread, any and all messages or feelings that I receive during the reading are relayed to you. I offer after care with all my email readings, in that if there is anything you do not understand about something I’ve said, I will clarify via email for you with no extra cost or hassle. It’s important to me that you understand and get something from the reading. However please realise that it can take me some time to respond to follow ups, as my first and top priority is of course the readings.

Estimated time to recieve your email reading is approximately 3-5 working days. Once you book, please retain your PayPal receipt as confirmation of your order and if I have not received your full details there may be a delay in your reading. I will attempt to email if I have not seen your details in full, however if I am very busy it may take me a few days to chase things up, so please ensure you have emailed your details or filled out the booking form to avoid delay. If I am very overbooked, you will always have the chance to get your money refunded if you do not wish to wait for long periods.

Readings by Telephone

Telephone readings are probably a more popular form of reading for people. Getting to talk to the Psychic directly for some creates a far more personal and initmate experience. Questions that arise during a reading can then be answered straight away, with messages given as they happen.

I curently offer telephone readings between 7pm-11pm GMT Monday – Friday and occasionally between 1-2pm if arranged ahead of time. I welcome enquires prior to booking to see what times and days I have available that week, this is the best way to avoid disappointment. Simply state how many minutes you were looking to book for and I will tell you what I have. If waiting times are exceptionally long, I will always post it up on the website with what waiting time you can expect.

Upon booking a telephone reading with me, I ask for your full name and date of birth only. Before I phone you, I spend some time making a connection prior to actually phoning. Once I phone, I will ask then if you have any particular questions that you’d like me to focus on and we take the reading from there. At any time during the reading, you are free to ask questions. There are two things I stand firmly by with my telephone readings, the first being that you are comfortable and the second is that it is your time with me. I want you to feel you are getting the most out of your time, getting to the questions you need.

Please be aware of how many questions you feel you have before you book a telephone reading. Sometimes people come with many questions and don’t book enough time, others book too much time with not enough questions. I will always have messages for you, but if you are unsure of how much time you should book, drop me an email and discuss it with me. I will not attempt to book you in for more time than you need, if you only wish to pay for 20 minutes then do so. However I will let you know what ground you can expect to cover during that time, so you can decide what is the most important issue/s you need to deal with.

Lastly, I am very strict with my time keeping to the minutes you’ve booked. The reason for this is that I have other clients who have booked readings after you. I will not keep others waiting, just as I would not keep you waiting. Thus, I do my best to warn you when we have only a few minutes remaining so that we can tie up the reading. You cannot extend your reading at that time. If you didn’t book enough time, I’m afraid you will have to go back and re-book for another session. Once again, I have other clients waiting for their readings and so cannot offer to extend your reading on the spot. Please think carefully at how much time you feel you will need beforehand.

Common concerns

How is my personal information used? (i.e. date of birth, phone numbers, email addresses, etc)

This is a valid concern and one I do not take lightly. Your personal information is only used to help me establish a connection to you and make contact to either give you a reading or deliver one. I do not give out your personal information, nor do I store it anywhere. Once you have had a reading with me, and you are happy with the reading, your information is discarded until you make contact with me again yourself. I do not sell, share, or use your information for any other purposes whatsoever. Confidentiality is assured and important to me.

What if I don’t want to share my personal information?

Then I am sorry, but I cannot give you an accurate reading. For legal reasons, I must validate that you are over the age of 18 and I cannot simply accept a statement from you saying that you are over such an age. Spiritually, without personal information, it is difficult for me to establish a strong connection since we are not face to face. Giving false information to me may also create an inaccurate reading, so it is pointless to do so. If sharing information is difficult for you, then I recommend that you find a reader in person.

What if you can’t get a strong connection to me?

If it is the case that I cannot get a good connection to you, then I will simply refund your money and tell you that I was not able to get anything. It doesn’t happen often, but it can happen and I’m not one to cold read just for the money. I operate with integrity and honesty always.

What if I am not happy with my reading?

Tell me why you are not happy and we can go from there. I do not guarantee that I will refund you entirely if you are not happy, because there is a lot of my own time and energy that goes into a reading. It is all to easy too say you are not happy just to get a free reading and sadly, there are a lot of people like that out there. On the other hand, I am a fair person and if I feel you are genuinely not happy with what you recieved, I will communicate and hear you out and offer you a solution. This might be a partial refund, depending on circumstances.

Is there anyone you won’t read for?

I will not read for under 18’s, people who have a history of mental illness or who seem suicidal, and people who get verbally abusive with me either by telephone or email. I will end a call at any time if I feel you are being abusive and your money will not be refunded. I am also very aware of Psychic addiction and if I feel a person is becoming dependant on my services, I will be open in gently suggesting that they give a longer time between readings or simply state there is no more I can do for them. I am not here to take advantage of others, what I offer is guidance and direction to those who seek it.