Next Day readings are currently unavailable while I complete Yearly Outlooks. They will be back as soon as possible.

COVID-19 Update

As of the 5th of January 2021, the UK has once again entered a full nationwide lockdown. For me this means that my work flow has had to be revamped to accommodate and support my family during this time.

Thus the following changes have been implemented for the foreseeable future, with an aim to reevaluate my services again once we are out of lockdown. 

Same Day email readings are now Next Day.  Once these are live, they will be a next working day service to allow me to accommodate them in my schedule. 

All other email readings will be unavailable until further notice. I will be reevaluating these after we are out of lockdown, but sadly for now I am having to remove these from my services to focus on my evening phone schedule. 

Phone readings will continue as normal. Please be aware that my evening phone schedule may be more demanding than usual due to more clients moving to phone from email. Thus, I advise booking early if you can. 

I ask only for your patience in hearing from me, I will be answering emails as swiftly as I can and all outstanding email readings are currently being built into my schedule and will be honoured of course.

I know all of us have made changes and sacrifices during this pandemic and I am so proud and pleased to have continued operating. Thank you everyone for your incredible support and love, you are all such beautiful examples of humanity. What a pleasure and honour to connect with you all. 

Stay safe!