International Clients

As a Reader with clients from all over the world, I love meeting new people and connecting.

I am based in the United Kingdom, thus you will notice my prices are in British Pounds. PayPal, however, does allow me to accept international payments and I am a registered business user there. What a reading with me will end up costing you, has everything to do with the current market value of your currency in comparison to the pound. I recommend that you visit for a rough estimate of what my readings will cost you prior to booking.

Do bear in mind though, that PayPal themselves set their own exchange rates. For more information on PayPal’s rates, click here.  

Please also note that in order to get the best out of the readings with me, you must be able to understand and speak fluent English. While I know this might seem obvious, it’s an important note that I’d like to add as I’ve encountered some difficulties in the past. Not often of course, but it does happen. Believe me, I wish I was fluent in many other languages, but I’m afraid English is my native tongue.

Also the time here in the UK is on GMT, another consideration when booking a reading with me, especially via telephone. To see what time difference that is for you, visit The World Clock. It’s much easier to take this on board before a reading, than it is after. I will always do my best to accommodate, but sometimes this may not be possible if the time differences are too great and our schedules don’t match.

Thank you and many Blessings,


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