Father time and I have caught up


Good morning beautiful souls! Just a very quick note to say that I have at last caught up with my backlog (and emails!) from moving and am in fact running right on schedule. My new office has allowed me some amazing productivity, which has been such a blessing. I am very grateful for the positive new space the Universe has provided me. Thank you all for being so patient through my move, its wonderful to have bounced right back.

Also a quick note to AOL users: I am unable to send emails to any AOL address. It has been this way for many a moon now and I have (again) contacted AOL to try and resolve the issue with my email but alas I expect it may continue this way. If you have an AOL email address and would like a reading from me, the best plan of action is to obtain an alternative email address. Sometimes replies get through, but lately this does not equally seem to be the case as I am doing so and still having emails returned. Manifesting some luck with the AOL postmaster.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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