Past life reading via email

Past life reading via email

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Exploring your past lives. 

This email reading is dedicated solely to exploring your past life, or messages from a few lifetimes that may begin to unravel the connections or energies in this lifetime.

When these are channeled, messages from the significant soul lessons with particular people, experiences and the like will come through to help you understand the journey your soul is on now. 

Information about our past lives can help us to better understand the deeper connections we often feel, the insecurities or fears we face, as well as the sometimes incredible path we choose to take with the souls we continue to share lifetimes with. 

You are welcome to ask questions regarding particular relationships, lessons or energies you are facing. Please limit the questions to no more than 5.

You are equally welcome to leave things open to see what lifetimes and their valued lessons come through to be revealed to you. 

 Please use the notes section for any questions OR email them directly to me at