The business of magic

For centuries, the practise of magic has appeared in cultures all over the world. I believe that our Ancestors, being humans that lived so closely within nature, began to appreciate and understand the natural ebb and flow of this earthly world and used magic as a means of tapping into the energies that were around them. With these practises lied a deep respect and a powerful belief in the art itself, leaving them ever more connected to a world that so many of us in this modern day would barely recognise or even begin to understand. They were in harmony with Mother Nature and they understood the power that she held, often feeling at nothing but her mercy and dependant on the skills of the collective to survive. When you live so closely to the earth this way, it is easy to understand how magic naturally formed into our human understanding – the world was such a mystical and veiled place to us then.

Yet, despite society evolving and man becoming so much less connected to the earth and its natural vibrations – magic survived. Of course, there are still places in this world seemingly untouched by the modern ways of technology and people out there who choose a life lived as close to the Earth as possible. Not everyone has fallen into the hands of a modernised world. However still, many cultures, traditions and faiths have kept alive what is considered the secrets of harnessing energy, to work with the flow of Mother Earth and continuing to keep these ancient traditions. Of course magic too has evolved and changed. At times it has grown or simply been adapted to suit what resources we have available. Some of it remains almost exactly how our ancestors would have used it.

I have always been intrigued in the art of magic. My journey in this life to understand Psychic energies and spiritual understandings, magic has been a subject that has come naturally to my table. After all, magic is nothing more than energy and knowing how to work with natural energies to encourage a particular outcome. It is the purpose and intention that matters the most, as this is the core and heart of what invites the energies being harnessed and sent out.

The reason that I felt so compelled to write this post, is having been in the psychic industry for so many years now I have witnessed my share of people making a profit off of spell work in a way that has made me angry and at times sad. I am certain that there are many practitioners out there who would not agree with my standpoint, that the business of magic has long been practised in one form or another. Yet I have seen first hand the harm and damage that it can do to people, mentally, emotionally and financially. Especially in cases where they have been very ill advised.

My hope if anything at all, is that my readers can go in armed with some knowledge and understanding. After all, knowledge is the most powerful magic of all.

Creating fear to sell a spell. In my opinion, any psychic or spiritual advisor who creates a fear that a client “needs” a particular spell to be cast is one of the most harmful and distressful methods. I have dealt with many people over the years who have been told during a reading that they have had a curse placed upon them and that the psychic would be willing to remove such a curse or hex for a fee. They make claims that their lives will be lifted of all the negativity and that life will be more abundant in positive happenings. Even at times stating other clients they have helped over the years and how much benefit they have seen from having these curses removed. My opinion is that these are no more than cons attempting to simply get more money out of people, as it is rare that these fees come cheaply. I find this such an abuse of power and if any psychic truly believed that some sort of negative energy was inhibiting a person they were reading for, the responsible thing to do would be to tell the client how they could create positive energies to counteract the negativity and give them the tools they needed as part of the reading service.

Making wild claims of 100% amazing results. Many sellers of spell work often claim that they can guarantee the results you are after, stating that your life will be better, your love life more passionate, your wallet will be more full, you’ll have more confidence, you’ll feel better……all due to their spell work. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Generally, if the spell that has been paid for is not panning out, there will be one excuse or another as to why this has not happened. Perhaps you doubted them, perhaps someone has put a hex on you blocking good things to come your way, it may not be happening in the way that you expected, etc. I have seen myself some absolutely absurd claims that have been made, from making you win the lottery to forcing any lover you desire back to you. It simply does not work this way.

No one can truly cast a spell for you. To understand the core of how energy, positive manifestation and spells work, the heart of such energy exists in the intention. You cannot genuinely conjure up someone else’s intention when you have no emotional investment in the person or situation. While you can have compassion for others and empathy, the desire for the outcome is at its strongest within the person who truly desires it. No one else can honestly pour that amount of energy into something they do not desire, the “magic” in this case is false. This is especially true when the caster is a stranger, not a friend or loved one who has true care and investment in you.

So why might it seem to work? I have seen some people selling spell work, give instructions to the person who has purchased the spell for putting their own positive thinking or visualisations to “enhance” the spell. This, is very likely the real spell in itself – the positive thoughts and energy that the person who has purchased the spell has done. That is the spell, not whatever work the seller has claimed to have done, but the energy that the client has poured into achieving the result themselves. Yet the credit of course, goes to the spell caster – which I feel is very misleading.

How do you know it’s really been cast? Rarely do I hear that people get to bear witness to the spells they have asked to be cast. Generally, the fee is paid and the client must simply trust that it has been done, or get some sort of communication to say it has been performed. Yet how do you know? This is especially true with spells being sold on the internet, where I feel people are parting with money blindly in the hopes that they just start seeing results. Often I feel that any changes felt in the energies can be either psychological, where the client simply wants it so much that they feel they are experiencing change – or because they have themselves through the act of the purchase put so much faith and energy in. As I said before, that is the actual spell in itself – the desire and manifestation comes only from the person who truly desires it.

Manifest for yourself, but know what you are really asking for. You know the old saying “be careful what you wish for”?  I often wonder if that phrase was born out of the practise of magic. This is exactly what anyone needs to bear in mind before they set out to manifest energies into their lives, as we often do not see the bigger picture. We focus sometimes just on the details. Love spells are in particular one, where I never encourage people to do a spell to get a specific lover back, as often this can go horribly wrong. Would you want a false love? Or a lover back that might become obsessive, possessive and overly jealous of you? If you begin to meddle with lessons or energies that are imbalanced to begin with, you may end up achieving a result you will struggle to contend with. Sometimes we must understand that the very thing we are after, is the very thing that Spirit are trying to steer us away from. There might just be something even better around the corner, we have to trust the process. I do recall advising a friend on a job matter once, where she wanted a particular job. So I helped her manifest, but said “Don’t ask for that specific one. Ask for a certain criteria perhaps, something for your higher good” – not long after an even better job that was perfect for her came up and she got the role. We are sometimes blocked for a reason, so try and see what you are really after and manifest the outcome, rather than try to believe you know just what you need to get there.

Think beyond your need. Every action has a consequence, so be careful that you have thought through the energies you are harnessing. Of course a positive intention is the best way to a positive life. Never should the energy you send out involve a negative intention. Energy is returned to you three fold, as the Karmic law so tells us; so what you are sending out, you will receive back times three. Yet sometimes, even when we are trying to do things positively we can have a negative consequence if we have not thought everything through. For instance, you may be manifesting or doing a spell to encourage financial security. Yet you may find that it ends up coming through inheritance or out of someone else’s pocket. Always remember to think about how great the need truly is and to remember that however you choose to manifest it, you are clear that it comes through no harm to anyone.

Expect the unexpected. When you work with energies, you find that the outcomes are sometimes a little more obscure than you had thought they would be. Manifest or ask for some extra money for example, and you may simply find a better job opportunity comes up, not a cheque in the post. You may also find that you are saving money in places, not necessarily getting extra money in. Knowing how energy works and understanding that sometimes we ARE getting what we asked for, is an important piece of knowledge before going in. Otherwise, if we stand ungrateful and we have missed the real manifestations, we find that not only do we lose faith, but we are often less successful the next time round.  Think outside the box, it will truly help you count your blessings.

Lastly, give thanks. Above everything else, a spiritual life is a grateful one. Gratitude will get you far in this life of ours, both in our Earthly existence and in the beyond. Stand grateful for not only what you have, but what you have received is an important aspect of magic and manifestation. Always acknowledge the blessings, give thanks to the Universe for your smiles, your comforts, your food, your warmth, your health and your good company, just to name a few!

If we begin to understand how energy works, we can begin to work with it. Magic and spell work are simply ways of manifestation, they work in the way that we are focusing on a specific intention, heightening our desires for an outcome and sending the energy out into the Universe for it to encourage our desire. When we abuse this, so too do we abuse our life paths and invite energies in that can create more unsettlement than they can offer a solution. Yet at times, just as prayer can help bring a miracle, so too can magic help us to work with the natural energies to help things along when it is done with a positive intention.

Do be careful however, out there are sadly people who are treading on dangerous ground making promises and claims that are simply nothing more than a means to manifest their own desires….

Financial gain.