Hello Beautiful people!

Well, its certainly continued to be busy and bustling as always around here – which is never a complaint from me! Lately I have opened up the social media channels to really start connecting with you all in new ways, which I have to admit has been just wonderful. I have a passion for photography and love snapping pictures, so this has proved a great outlet for me to add a new dimension to Psychic Whispers. My creative side has also had a lot of joy designing the memes and sharing a few tidbits of wisdom through the week.

You all have been so supportive and given such wonderful feedback with it, thank you so much for taking the time out to connect. Some of you are sharing your thoughts during our sessions or via email too, which is just fantastic. So a massive thank you for the support and I look forward to sharing much more together!

Also do look out on the social media pages for special offers that won’t appear here on the site. Just a little thank you!


Mesina x