Dream a little dream of me

This is a story that was given to me to share here, with the hope that it might comfort some of you out there who’ve lost a loved one. I believe that this story truly shows the power of our amazing Souls and that when we are determined enough to reach out to say goodbye, we will always find a way. 

I dated a man “J” for three years when I lived in the UK. We really just turned into friends and maintained a very close friendship for a year after we broke up. Eventually, he met someone new and did not want to continue contact with me as it seemed inappropriate to him. I understood this although it made me sad.

A year went by and I did not have any contact with “J” although we were still connected through facebook. I hadn’t thought too much about him as we did not communicate and I knew he had moved on with his life and I had left the UK and moved on with mine. This is why it seems so strange to me when I had a dream about him two years ago. In the dream he did not say anything. He looked well but …. regretful. I woke up and wondered why I had dreamt about him as he had not been in my thoughts for quite some time. I did record the dream though and dated it as I tend to do when I have a dream that startles me.

The week that followed the dream was absolutely bizarre. My mother, my father, a common friend and two friends who had never met “J” but knew about my past relationship with him all asked if I had heard from him in the space of about 6 days. I wondered why the sudden interest in “J” by friends and family. “J” was a few years younger than I am and I started noticing that every time I turned on the radio, the song “only the good die young” by Billy Joel played. Still, I did not make a connection but thought it was odd as this was an old song and not one that was likely to be played on any radio station I listened to. This song came on virtually every time I turned on my car. I took it as a warning that I should be careful when driving. Finally, I don’t know what compelled me to do so but I checked “J’s” facebook page. I saw a message from his close friend stating that he would miss him. I knew THEN but had to be certain.

I wrote to his friend and asked if “J” had moved somewhere because I had seen his message and had not been in contact with “J” for a long time. His friend called me to tell me that “J” had died in a freak accident the week before. My dream was literally within hours of his death. I NEVER would have known about his death had these events not all occurred and caused me to look at his facebook page as I was no longer in touch with his family/friends and was living in another country.

I suppose this experience taught me that we are always connected once we have formed a bond with a person and that bond can last beyond conventional standards. I believe he was letting me know what had happened and was visiting one last time.

Anyway, I thought I would share. Although tragic and I am devastated by his loss and the effects it brought upon people who loved him (specifically his family and fiancee) it did bring me a level of comfort that we are all always connected.

I hope this might bring comfort to others who have lost people they love.

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