About Mesina

About Mesina

I became aware of my psychic abilities during childhood, when I realised that the world worked differently for me than for others. I have always been a natural Clairvoyant, even before I had a name for it. I recall in my youth having very vivid dreams and images coming to me believing it to be normal. It was through my natural knowledge, respect and curiosity for the Other side, that I began to make those realisations about my world versus the world of everyone else around me.

In my teens I started teaching myself to read the Tarot. Through that path I found I could tap into my abilities with greater ease and I was able to share guidance and wisdom to those who came to me for it. It was far from an easy path to take, yet it was one I could not deny myself. Having the ability to reach out and help those who needed it was an amazing feeling, yet it soon became apparent that it was going to be more than just the odd reading for a friend. Being self taught for me was the best way to open the gates to what was already there, that threshold everyone has within them. After learning to read the cards, I began to study the Tarot in it’s traditional form but never forgetting what it was to truly feel the cards. Being able to tap into that raw psychic ability and remembering the Tarot as a tool rather than the oracle itself.

From those first early readings, I have always stayed because I honestly love helping others. The joy it gives me to read for people has never been far from my heart as I continue down this


wondrous path. I do not take my ability as a reader for granted, nor would I ever dream of taking advantage of the responsibilities.

I operate with integrity, honesty and love and never anything less.

I spend a great deal of time taking care of me too. As a reader, I believe that staying grounded must come from believing and loving yourself first, before you can guide others in their journeys. For me, I do this through meditation, cleansing and living a spiritual life alongside a very real world.

I am forever the student, hungry for knowledge in this gift of life and I never forget that there is always a possibility.

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