The Palmistry Bible

The Palmistry Bible: The definitive guide to hand reading – by Jane Struthers

Reading palms is an age-old way of predicting the future, but the lines and features of the palm, fingers, nails can also be a revealing tool for self-exploration and personal growth. As you’ll discover in this comprehensive illustrated guide, the shape of your hand; its whorls, fingerprints, and lines; its mounts and other geographic features: as well as the shapes, joints, and nails of the fingers and thumb are loaded with useful information. Illustrated step-by-step instructions will teach you to identify and interpret the various features of the hand and to use palmistry to gain insights into your current and future health, love life, and career. You’ll discover what your hand shows about your potential for passionate romance, lasting love, and children; whether your talents are artistic, literary, or athletic; and whether you are a saver or a gambler, an optimist or a pessimist, a realist or a dreamer. Perfect for beginners and a handy reference for experienced palmists, The Palmistry Bible will give you a helping hand in understanding yourself and practical advice about reading the hands of friends and family.
About the Author
Jane Struthers fell in love with astrology, palmistry, tarot reading and reading tea leaves in her teens, and shes never looked back. She is a professional, full-time writer and astrologer, who has appeared on television and radio many times. She is currently the astrologer for Bella, the best-selling weekly womens magazine, and before that she was the astrologer for The Sun, writing as Gemini Jane.

Jane has written over twenty books on a wide variety of subjects, but she specializes in mind, body and spirit topics. She trained as a healer at the College of Psychic Studies in London and has completed the first stage of the Bach Flower Remedies training. She teaches astrology at the London School of Astrology, and has also lectured abroad on astrology and tarot.

‘Comprehensive collection of palmistry methods. Mainly drawn palms. Detailed and thorough information on major and minor lines, hand shapes, patterns and mounds. Brilliant ‘all-rounder’ for the more experienced palmist!’ – Nat, UK
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