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I met Mesina when we were 12 years old on the Oregon coast. I was nervous and awkward coming to a new school. Little did I know I had moved five houses down from a woman’s soul in a child’s body, who would be a ray of clarity and a source of strength from the instant we met, and for the rest of my life.

We drifted in and out of social circles, and lost touch after high school. We had both become mothers and I knew she had moved the the UK, but it wasn’t until we bumped into each other online that we reunited. It is worth mentioning that as friends, our conversations were primarily about motherhood, childhood, and my obsession with England. I knew she was working as a psychic, which was no surprise to me, as she exhibited signs of a deeper sense even at 12 years old. To be honest, I have always been a skeptic of psychics, but it always seemed natural that this was her chosen path.

Unfortunately we lost touch again and didn’t talk for over two years, until facebook. I was in the painful tail end of a relationship she had only heard about casually in its inception years prior. When we reconnected I was at the miserable, painful end of that relationship. I am a strong, confident, well-supported woman, but I truly didn’t think I could survive without my partner. Ultimately I ended the relationship and prepared to drop dead. Mesina called me the very next day and said I was on her mind, perfect timing as always, and we talked for three hours. Except, to my surprise, it was Mesina who did most of the talking. She explained things about my ex that were so spot on, I literally got chills. She told me about my ex’s childhood, something we had never discussed, as well as the person with whom my ex had cheated on me. Note: I had never even *mentioned* that the third person existed, yet Mesina was casually and naturally exploring details of their respective childhoods that were 100% correct, including names, details we had NEVER gotten around to during previous conversations. In fact she was so calm and focused, it took me a minute to realize that she was using information I never gave her to help me understand how things became so dysfunctional, and the more she spoke, the more the puzzle pieces swirling through my head began to come together. She alluded to other parties involved, friends in our community, who were contributing to our ruin, with such accuracy that her clarity was surging through me. Keep in mind that I do not say nor experience things like this. After helping me to see that this wasn’t a tragic breakup from which I would never recover, she said something to me that equipped me with a sense of power no one else could have, and against all forces of nature, it was these words that reminded me of who I had become in my relationship, and who I *really* am. She said, “You were never meant to be submissive, and I know you’re torn up, of course you would be, but I also know that you as an individual feel 90% stronger in *yourself* right this minute.” My mouth was agape, literally. How was it possible that in less than 24 hours after ending the four year relationship with “the love of my life” I could feel as if I had *gained* something (myself), was better off (very true), and that I would only get stronger (more true than even she could know!)? Her voice never changed, and her insights ranged seemingly effortlessly from general to so specific that I get those chills writing about it. (“Adam seems like the kind of person who is very lost…” Completely true, but I had never mentioned Adam to her even once.)

She didn’t tell me what to do, nor did she tell me to deny my feelings, but the depth of her understanding was so profound, her words enabled me to make some sense of the precipitating factors of my life at that had been impossible to isolate, and to tell me that I am strong, not weak, as I had been for those four years.

I have never cried one tear for my ex.

I was moved enough by her sense of *me* to move forward from that wretched day, because her words were so illuminating I knew I could, scant hours after a volatile breakup. I had more perspective in that moment than most people would have had after a year. When I ran into my ex 14 months after the breakup, I didn’t have any emotions, except to feel very tall, strong, and completely unfamiliar. This is my life, and while I may have figured that out when I was 40 (I am 33), Mesina saw it straight away and made me see it too, through the voice of a beloved friend.

Whether you’ve known her for 19 years, or you’re a first time client, Mesina feels like the friend who can see your puzzle completed, while you hand her a fistful of pieces, and she has a powerful gift for making you see that as well. I wish everyone could experience just how connected she is to the parts of us we may never have known. ~ Cheyenne, OR, USA.

”Unlike most psychics that make comments and predictions about your life that could easily be about anyone’s life, Mesina can really see the emotional side of your future- how things that are going to happen will make you feel versus what’s going to happen.” Marymac, www.pajamasandcoffee.comSee here for Marymac’s full feature on PJ&C.

”Truly thoughtful, sensitive and precise readings made by a gentle and
understanding psychic. In-depth and detailed – Mesina has given me
direction, comfort and many suprises at her accuracy. Thank you for
everything.” –
 Nats, UK.

“I can confidently say that I have used Mesina from psychic-whispers approximately a dozen times. Each time the readings get better and better. I have referred Mesina to four friends who have all been blown away and grateful for her time and direction. She is sweet, kind, non-judgemental and ALWAYS there in your darkest hour. Mesina’s accuracy is second to none and she delivers spine chilling details. Her readings are addictive and you will not be disappointed!!!!” – Lynn Steen, ONT

“Mesina was recommended to me from a friend. I had only had 1 or 2 short email readings before her reading from others and I truly did not know the depth of a real intense, detailed, clear reading until I had received one from Mesina. Her readings were not only genuine and detailed, but they gave me a sense of peace and comfort, as I could literally feel what she was saying via email. It was like she was right there with me the whole time, connecting to my situation. Since my first reading with Mesina, I have had several more email readings and 1 phone reading with her, each one better than the other, if that is even possible. I can honestly say she connected with me and my situation immensely. She gave me a whole new perspective and insight on my situation, that not only helped me grow as a person, but gave me a whole new outlook on a personal situation. Mesina is a very honest, and caring soul, one with a genuine heart that truly connects with your situation and what your feeling, yet comforts you at the same time. I will forever be grateful that our pathes have crossed in life and that I have been blessed with the gift, I call, Mesina.  –  Jenn Asgari Las Vegas, NV

“Mesina…I had a reading with you 3 weeks ago, so it is too soon for me to say if all your predictions are correct as there has not yet been enough time for the events to evolve. However, I would like to say that you gave me hope, and some of what you said (as in words you used, people have now used exactly the same terminology when speaking to me) has already happened within less than a week of my reading !

You did tell me in the reading that January will be a “Cold” time, but things will improve by the end of the month.

Many Thanks for your time, and for giving me the hope and strength, it was not all good news, but you told me exactly what you felt, and this is very much appreciated, as this proves you did not just tell me what you thought I needed to hear.

I am keeping faith in your predictions, as you were very highly recommended to me in the first place!” –G, UK

“This woman is AMAZING so accurate and precise with things that she says, really scary as you feel like shes walking in your shoes! She sees things that nobody has ever picked up before, gives you answers to things and doesnt keep you guessing ‘what about’ as she answers all that! She gives you hope, her readings are so lovely, and shes so friendly and caring its like talking to a friend youve known for ages, she makes you feel so calming taking to her! I highly recommend having a reading, you wont be disappointed!!  xx” – Polly Anna, UK

“So this begins when my best friend told me about Mesina . She stated that she was a wonderful psychic with a genuine soul. I had to find this out and in 02/2011 received my first reading with Mesina. That was the first reading of many!!!! Again that was the first of many!!!! Mesina is an angel filled with light and love. She’s a gentle soul who can tap into how you and any other individual in your reading are feeling.  She not only gives information into the future  or past experiences but she awakens the fire in your heart and the spark in your brain to think and feel differently about something (for the better it is)!  Mesina has taught me so much in this short period of time that for many individuals it may take them a lifetime to learn. If more people were like Mesina we would always have the sun shining there would never  be darkness. Her positive energy radiates through all surfaces. I feel blessed to have Mesina  a great psychic in my life and not only is she that but a lifetime friend who I hope to have many more journies with. thank you Mesina for who you are and all that you do. I love you !!” – Tina, USA

“Mesina is truly a very accurate and proffesional reader, I should know as I’m developing my intuitive abilities with different psychic mediums and tarot readers and I have met and tried many. She is honest, clear, direct and affordable; try her readings, you’ll repeat as I did ” – Lia

“Thank you so much for the reading! You were amazingly accurate complete with all the finer details (how do you do that??) that gave me the confidence in your future predictions. A phone reading with you was like having a lovely chat with a dear old friend that just ‘knows’ everything that is going on/going to happen. You have really put my mind at ease during the dark hours and gave me hope! Keep up the good work and I look forward to another reading with you!!” – LL, Australia

”Thankyou so much for such a nice reading, I feel a little bit better already!” – Carolyn, UK

”Wow, Brilliant Accurate Reading, 5*s A+++++++ Will be back, Thx xx ”- Maz, USA

”excellent reading, very accurate, a cloud has been lifted, highly recommended” – Jane, UK

”Oh my God!!! I definitely recommend!! 101% accurate!! worth the money!!”- A.J., UK

“Dear Mesina,
I would like to thank you for your readings, and support words of encouragement and healing. You are a very kind and gifted lady, a lot of what you have said has come true. Your readings help,me see many things more clearly and are helping me at a real crossroads in my life. You are however truly gifted as a psychic I was recommended by a good friend and have and would recommend you to others.”
– Heather, Scotland.

“Time has proven that Mesinas readings are ASTONISHINGLY ACCURATE” – Beth, Michigan USA

“You are the Psychics Psychic” – Luna Hacker, USA

“I feel that Mesina is one of the most talented and accurate readers I have had the privilege of consulting. She is very kind and attentive when interacting, as well. I did not feel judged or treated in any way other than with sincere respect and concern. I was very impressed with the information which came through for me, and felt it answered my questions and then some. Mesina is a very clear channel to the spirits around her, as well. I will continue to consult Mesina in the future, and greatly appreciate that she shares her gift at such a reasonable price. Thank you!” – Terry in CA

“Mesina is amazing! she read for me February 2011, I felt a very deep spiritual connection to her. I never felt this with other psychics that were in a close proximity from my home. I live one big ocean away from where she lives and the reading was as if she knew me and my other half forever. Well I am waiting patiently to find out what will happen. Very warm and caring reader, she makes you feel like a close friend. I will be back for more readings.” – Tina, USA

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