Lover’s reading Valentine’s special offer

Wonderful souls,

Can you believe that February is already here? As the cold weather continues to creep in on us here in the UK, it leaves room for a few more cozy nights in. The sun is starting to show itself a little more here and there, but alas it’s still hiding under a blanket of icy chill.

Of course, what could warm us up better this time of year than a little passion and romance? For some of us that fire of energy is still waiting to be discovered and for others its waiting to be rediscovered.

So to honour Valentine’s I’m putting my Lover’s Reading on special offer. This unique reading gives you an insight into the relationship dynamics, compatibility and up to 4 questions of your choosing between you and your love, or a love that will be found up ahead. The reading also comes with a general overview of life, so a little insight into the road up ahead whether you are alone or in partnership.

This reading is quite large and is usually priced at £42, but will be on offer for just £32 for the whole of February.

Please include your full name, date of birth and if you have a partner theirs too. Include up to 4 questions of your choice.


Lover’s Reading Valentine’s Special: £42 £32:

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