Jul 30, 2016

New Reading: Dream Interpretation

Hello beautiful people!

I am trialling a new reading, which I hope finds itself useful and perhaps insightful to many of you. I have for many years been vastly interested in dream interpretation, something I have often done for myself and others. I believe that our dreams are so often a key into not only our subconscious thoughts, but sometimes our spiritual journey. Unravelling what our dreams mean can often give us amazing insight into ourselves and life path.

To introduce this new service, I am offering it for just £10 from now and all through August. The return on receiving the reading will be the same as my standard reading services and not a same day service as dream interpretations are a bit more involved and require good attention to detail.

So if you have a dream you’re intrigued about this is absolutely for you. You can purchase this service below at the special rate.

Hope there is happiness where you are!




Dream Interpretation: £10 (one dream)

Please use the booking form to detail the dream you would like to be interpreted or email it directly to mesina@psychic-whispers.com upon booking.

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Jul 21, 2016

Back off holiday

Good day lovely people!

Just a quick note to say that I have returned from my holiday and am back to taking bookings and currently running on schedule.

Hope you’re smiling wherever you are!



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